America's Night Clubs TV

We started broadcasting LiVE events 7 year ago now.... 500 plus bands later we have seen some excellent musicians and well rehearsed groups who play for the love of music. They work all day, practice at night and kick ass on stage come show time. Monday morning they start it all again!

The new ANCTV is dedicated to them. We are going to seek out the best LiVE bands in the country, bring our cameras to them, give them a chance to compete on a national stage and

Head to Head * Face2Face LiVE * Nationwide * America Judges with their most precious gift, their TIME! 

The new site will be launched soon and we will bring you these devoted artists from all over America.

Who is the Best LiVE Band in America? Stay tuned!

ANCTV is FREE for You to View.

Like any other broadcasting company, we do have advertisers to help us pay the bills and we ask you all to truly give them your consideration. In exchange for you watching their commercials, we get to show you these great bands AND the bands get really cool stuff!!!


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